Experimenting at the My nOma Studio! Finally I use this yellow neon cord!!! Mixing materials and using uncommon objects for my jewelry pieces!

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Meet Lauren!

Lauren Elizabeth Nelson collaborates with My nOma recently! I met Lauren working with her. But, since we met, she projects the free spirit of My nOma. Lauren is an artist in many disciplines. She is a writer, a painter, a dancer and more… And she has a beautiful smile that makes you want to know more about her! 

Lauren tell us a little bit about you:

L: -I just moved here (Chicago) three/four months ago. Everybody asks where from but that is not important. Legend has it I was born on a boat.

What are you passionate about?

L: -What am I passionate about? That’s a question I ask myself a lot lately. I don’t have a solid answer. I’ve been exploring dance, specifically belly dance and tango. It is my quest to find a really good place to go dancing, but I’m thinking I may just have to start dance parties at my home. I’ve been working on songwriting as well. After years of playing other people’s songs, I realized that the songs I really wanted to sing didn’t exist so I decided to write them myself. I also paint portraits, which you can see at my website:http://www.laurenenelson.com/. I am taking commissions.  

What you like about Chicago? And what’s your favorite place to go in Chicago?

L: -I like that I can bike just about anywhere. Biking is the only legitimate form of transportation. What’s a favorite place? My favorite places are usually discovered while exploring- small parks, gardens and alleyways. There are too many to pick one.

What it’s a treasure you have that you LOVE?

L: -My white cowgirl boots. In another life, I would be a cowgirl. Perhaps someday in this one. 

What the term “Exótica” means to you?

L: -I don’t know… it sounds like erotica, though. 

Your favorite song is?

L: -Favorite questions are difficult. I’ll give you a genre: Flamenco music, lately. 

What you think about My nOma?

L: -I think that pieces are really beautiful. I wonder how you think up those crazy designs. They make me think of tropical places. Maybe is because you are from Puerto Rico.

Thank you Lauren so much for your time and for collaborate with My nOma! 

Please to see Lauren’s work visit: http://www.laurenenelson.com/. She is also taking commissions.  

You can find My nOma at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mynoma

The fashion designer Namibia Viera interview by Tania Alfonso in www.elpuntoes.com 

“La realidad es que yo no soy de buscar un tema para entonces de ahí partir a una idea. A mi me inspira la experiencia en mi vida, lo que esté sintiendo en el momento. Me encanta la arquitectura, la estética, la belleza, la gente, la música, las texturas, el baile. Creo que mi inspiración proviene de todo lo que escucho, veo y siento.” -Namibia Viera

Read more at the interview: 


The experience of Namibia totally inspired me. When you want something so badly you have to keep working hard, and more when it’s your passion!

Also I LOVE when she said: -“Cuando abro los ojos por las mañanas, lo primero que pienso es en un café con leche y canela.” That’s definitely me too! 

photo: screen shot from interview in El Punto Es from www.paumestudio.com